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The Higher Education Academy in the UK run an extensive workshop and seminar series. Some will be listed on this page but you can view the full listings by clicking on the following link  http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/seminar-series

Accelerated degrees and credit transfer - putting the Higher Education and Research Act into practice (UK)

22nd Jan 2018 - Central, London, UK

Delegates will consider key issues for HEIs and students including the pricing, marketing and demand for accelerated courses, practical issues for provision affecting the teaching workforce, the use of resources and facilities, and catering for the individual and extenuating circumstances of students.

Further sessions focus on switching university or degree and the role of credit transfer in delivering more flexible courses, as well as the regulatory challenges for the mix of two and three-year degrees, implications for the wider higher education market and key lessons from European best practice.

The agenda also discusses the possible impact of more flexible provision on the development of skills and employability, and the potential for supporting greater social mobility.

For more information, contact Sean Cudmore, Deputy Editor, Westminster Higher Education Forum on T: 01344 864796

Preparing Students for HE & Supporting Them Through the Transition (UK)

31st Jan 2018 - One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London, SW1V 2QQ

According to a recent survey, less than 10% of students say their experience of higher education closely matches their prior expectations. This mismatch between expectation and reality can have a dramatic impact on student experience, retention and wellbeing.

The seminar will discuss how best to prepare students for higher education and what more can be done to support them through the transition. We will examine actions leading institutions are already taking and discuss good practice examples that can be adapted to your own institution.

Speakers include:
Nick Hillman (Chair), Director, Higher Education Policy Institute
Jenny Shaw, Head of Student Services and Insight, Unite Students
Michelle Morgan, Associate Dean, Student Experience, Bournemouth University
Dr Harriet Jones, Senior Lecturer & Director, PreUniversity Skills Programme, University of East Anglia
Sean Russell, FHEA, HE and LGBT+ Consultant and Founder, Get Out Stay Out
Dr. Emily McIntosh, Director of Student Life, University of Bolton

Key Issues to be Addressed Include:
•Managing expectations pre-university
•Tailoring communications to meet individual needs
•Raising awareness about what support will be available & how to access it
•The role of students’ unions & peer mentoring
•Working with schools & colleges
•Meeting the needs of non traditional students
•Providing financial, personal safety, and other types of advice & support
•Helping students adapt to HE & learn new study skills
•Facilitating social integration: helping students develop networks to avoid loneliness & isolation
•Communicating with parents & guardians

The Event:
The morning will focus on preparing students for higher education before they begin their studies.
The afternoon will examine what more HEIs can do to support students through the transition process.

For registration enquiries please contact: Customer.Services@westminster-briefing.com  or call 0207 593 5657

Disabled students - funding, inclusivity and access (UK)

6th Feb 2018 - Central, London, UK

This seminar takes place in the context of:
• The recent publication of HEFCE’s review on improving support for disabled students - which made recommendations on funding, assessment, the use of technology, training and embedding new practices - as well as the establishment of ‘inclusive champions’ at Higher Education Providers;
• The doubling of HEFCE funding for disabled students between 2016 and 2018 to £40 million; and
• Reform of the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA), which took effect at the start of the last academic year.
Key areas for discussion:
• Funding - key findings from HEFCE’s review and assessing the long-term impact of recent changes to funding policy, including in areas such as mentoring, physical assistance and specialist IT equipment;
• Consistency - in light of increased dependence on support from individual higher education providers, how can consistency in disabled students’ provision across institutions be ensured?;
• Inclusivity - challenges for universities in implementing a social model of support for students and opportunities for developing more inclusive learning environments, teaching methods and curricula;
• Accessibility - making campuses accessible for all - examples of best practice in design and adaptation, and priorities for tackling remaining challenges; and
• Complaints - trends in responding to complaints from disabled students and further action for improving outreach and communication.
For more information contact, Sean Cudmore, Deputy Editor, Westminster Higher Education Forum on T: 01344 864796 or visit the website, http://www.westminsterforumprojects.co.uk/conferences/westminster-higher-education-forum

The future for curriculum design and learning gain (UK)

27th Feb 2018 - Central, London, UK

With the subject-level Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) assessment due to roll out from September 2019, this timely seminar examines latest thinking on delivering curriculum design that can facilitate the aims of inclusivity, graduate employability and significant learning gain.

Key areas for discussion:
•    Priorities for learning gain - lessons from the HEFCE pilots, overcoming challenges in measurement and the role of the wider sector in embedding learning gain;
•    Embedding employability in curriculum design - employer involvement in course design and encouraging collaboration between departments to improve employability; and
•    Effective curriculum design - involving students as co-designers of curricula, enhancing student retention and promoting inclusivity and diversity.

For more information, contact Sean Cudmore, Deputy Editor, Westminster Higher Education Forum T: 01344 864796 or visit www.westminstereducationforum.co.uk

Embedding a Whole Institution Approach to Widening Participation (UK)

28th Feb 2018 - Central, London, UK

Universities spend a lot of time, money & effort on attempts to widen participation. However, to reach this outcome, they need to make sure they develop a cross organisation response. Recognising the need for research & evidence in this area, a recently concluded OFFA project “sought to improve understanding of what a successful ‘whole institution approach’ to widening participation looks like.”

The seminar will consider what a whole institution approach actually looks like, examine current examples and discuss the best ways to evaluate different WP programmes.

(Chair) Professor John Storan, Co-director, Action on Access & Director of Continuum, Centre for Widening Participation Policy Studies, University of East London
Speakers include: Professor Liz Thomas, Principal Investigator, Understanding a Whole Institution Approach to WP

Key Issues to be Addressed Include:
•Identifying target groups, making commitments & delivering on them
•Widening participation in terms of access, retention & outcomes
•Involving all staff from across an institution
•Common barriers and overcoming them
•Adapting what works elsewhere to your own institution
•Making sure actions are delivering value for money
•Using evaluation to improve future approaches
•Current case study examples
•Effective approaches to WP: what the evidence suggests.

For registration enquiries please contact: Customer.Services@westminster-briefing.com or call 0207 593 5657

Next steps for the UK’s outward student mobility strategy and involvement in Erasmus+ (UK)

6th Mar 2018 - Central, London, UK

Delegates will discuss priorities for outward mobility as the UK negotiates its exit from the EU, including the future for the UK’s participation in Erasmus+ and potential alternative mobility programmes. Attendees will consider what can be learnt from alternative mobility arrangements in Europe, such as the Swiss European Mobility Programme.

For more information, contact Sean Cudmore, Deputy Editor, Westminster Higher Education Forum, T: 01344 864796 or visit www.westminstereducationforum.co.uk

Protecting Freedom of Speech in HE (UK)

14th Mar 2018 - Central, London, UK

The Government believes there is a censorship problem on some university campuses. To this end, it plans to use the establishment of the new HE regulator, the Office for Students, and the creation of a new regulatory framework, to “go further than ever before to promote freedom of speech”. A difficult issue to regulate, the proposed mechanism is through a ‘public interest principle', compliance with which HEIs will be judged.

This seminar will discuss protecting freedom of speech in higher education. We will examine duties as they currently stand, the Government’s proposals for reform and different approaches institutions are taking.

Key Issues to be Addressed Include:
•HEIs’ responsibilities to protect freedom of speech
•Legal & regulatory guidance
•Balancing freedom of speech with other obligations
•The role of students in deciding who can & cannot speak on campus
•Facilitating freedom of speech and the right to protest
•Government plans to safeguard freedom of speech on campus and the role of the OfS
•Developing & implementing a free speech code of practice
•Having robust procedures in place
•Engaging students in the development of policies
•Communicating policies & decisions
•Sharing how different institutions approach these issues.

For registration enquiries please contact: Customer.Services@westminster-briefing.com or call 0207 593 5657

Priorities for quality assurance in UK HEIs - grade inflation, tackling plagiarism, and the future of degree classification (UK)

20th Mar 2018 - Central, London, UK

This seminar examines key issues for quality assurance in UK higher education institutions, and degree classification systems used by HEIs. Bringing together further key stakeholders and policymakers, sessions will discuss the next steps for tackling ‘essay mills’, key issues around degree-awarding powers (DAPs) in a changed regulatory framework, and the future for the degree classification system - including initial outcomes from the Grade Point Average pilots.
Overall, areas for discussion include:

  • Quality assurance under a new regulatory framework - priorities for the Office for Students;
  • Implementing quality assurance in a new regulatory environment - issues for new providers and the future of DAPs;
  • Assuring the quality of UK degrees and widening best practice in the sector;
  • Tackling student plagiarism in UK higher education;
  • Reforming degree classification - assessing the progress of grade point average pilots; and

Long-term priorities for degree classification in UK higher education - addressing grade inflation and the impact of the TEF.
For more information contact, Sean Cudmore, Deputy Editor, Westminster Higher Education Forum on T: 01344 864796 or visit the website, http://www.westminsterforumprojects.co.uk/conferences/westminster-higher-education-forum

Improving participation and diversity in apprenticeships - tackling skills gaps, raising awareness and supporting under-represented groups (UK)

26th Apr 2018 - Central, London, UK

Following the Government’s target to create 3m apprenticeships by 2020, this seminar will consider the challenges for expanding participation, and what more can be done to improve diversity among those taking up apprenticeships as a career path.  Delegates will discuss the further action that will be required from policymakers, as well as training providers, employers and universities to reach the target as stakeholders adjust to the Apprenticeship Levy.

Areas for discussion include:

  • Raising awareness - following from the Careers Strategy, which will require schools to give apprenticeship providers an opportunity to speak to all pupils, how can providers and careers advisors better promote apprenticeships as a career route;
  • Increasing the number of apprenticeships - in the context of recent statistics showing that the number of apprenticeship starts from May to July this year numbered only 48,000 - down from 110,00  for the same period last year - what steps can be taken to encourage more businesses to make greater use of apprenticeships;
  • Implications from reforms to apprenticeship funding - in light of findings from the AELP, which revealed that employers are reducing their recruitment of younger apprentices, how can policy be adapted to encourage an uptake in the number of apprenticeship starts among young people; and
  • Championing diversity - exploring the key objectives for the Apprenticeship Diversity Champions Network, and how apprenticeships are being utilised by employers to encourage greater diversity within the workplace.

For more information contact, Sean Cudmore, Deputy Editor, Westminster Higher Education Forum on
T: 01344 864796 or visit the website, http://www.westminsterforumprojects.co.uk/conferences/westminster-higher-education-forum

#GEC18 The Graduate Employment Conference (UK)

17th May 2018 - The Principal, York

The 11th annual Graduate Employment Conference brings together senior representatives from HE and graduate recruitment to explore all aspects of student and graduate employability and recruitment.

This year, the event will explore how universities can equip graduates for the new future of work, social mobility, TEF and much more. Last year, keynotes included Andy Westwood, Nick Hillman and Paralympian Gold Medallist Claire Cashmore. Delegates are promised a similar calibre of speakers and track leaders at #GEC18.

Key themes for 2018 event will include:

• The future of work and recruitment
• New careers strategy and approaches to early talent
• Optimising graduate outcomes
• Social Mobility
• Recruitment in Tech
• Millennials and generation theory
• Growth mindset debate

For more information, go to: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/gec18-the-graduate-employment-conference-tickets-41280865179

Students as consumers - contracts, complaints and dispute resolution (UK)

12th Jun 2018 - Central, London, UK

With Government planning to consult on the introduction of contracts between students and universities, this seminar will assess the next steps for student rights in the UK - looking at contracts, complaints and dispute resolution.
Delegates will consider the potential shape that these contracts might take, what forms of redress should be available to students, and the safeguards that might be necessary to ensure that universities are able to maintain standards and make reasonable adjustments to course delivery.

Overall, areas for discussion include:

  • The context for student rights - consumer law compliance in the HE sector, and expectations for resource commitment, contact time, assessments, and support;
  • Priorities for university marketing - implementing new ASA guidance, addressing misleading claims and the role of regulation;
  • Options for student contracts - their potential form and impact, and what can be learnt from institutions with contracts already in place; and
  • Student complaints and dispute resolution - affecting international and disabled students, mental health, university marketing, and multiple and new providers.

For more information contact, Sean Cudmore, Deputy Editor, Westminster Higher Education Forum on T: 01344 864796 or visit the website, http://www.westminsterforumprojects.co.uk/conferences/westminster-higher-education-forum

Advance Your Academic Leadership Skills Conference (USA)

18th-20th Oct 2018 - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Higher education today is experiencing significant change, whether to curricula, technology, tenure practices, issues in student affairs, recruitment, or retention. At the same time, institutions are challenged with increased scrutiny from the academic community, accreditors, students, and parents. More than ever, effective and flexible academic and administrative leadership is critical to any institution’s success.

The Leadership in Higher Education Conference was created to bring much-needed professional development resources to academic leaders. In a collaborative gathering of higher education professionals, we examine trends, strategies, and best practices through a combination of plenary presentations, concurrent sessions, and roundtable discussions.

At the 2018 Leadership in Higher Education Conference, delegates can choose from over 45 concurrent sessions in the following conference tracks:

  • Best Practices for Deans and Department Chairs
  • Leadership and Management
  • Evaluation and Program/Department Assessment
  • Faculty Hiring and Development
  • Issues and Trends in Higher Education.

During the interactive sessions, presented by leaders from around the country, delegates will have the opportunity to learn:

  • Proven tools and techniques for running a successful department or division
  • Demonstrated strategies for hiring and developing faculty, including ways to design a fruitful faculty development program, foster a collegial department, and conduct effective hiring searches
  • Key facets of managing challenging personnel and balancing instructor and administrative needs
  • Responses to issues and trends driving policy today, such as diversity and inclusion, legal and regulatory compliance, and economic development and fundraising

For more information, go to:https://www.magnapubs.com/leadership-in-higher-education-conference/