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The Higher Education Academy in the UK run an extensive workshop and seminar series. Some will be listed on this page but you can view the full listings by clicking on the following link  http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/seminar-series

Student Mental Health: Providing Effective & Co-ordinated Support (UK)

25th Sep 2018 - 1 America Square, 17 Crosswall, London, EC3N 2LB

As student numbers continue to rise and mental health issues grow in volume and visibility, the pressure on University Mental Health Support Services is at an all-time high. Supporting students on their journey into and through higher education, scaffolded by effective interaction with outside agencies such as the NHS, will make for happier, more successful graduates. Action must be taken to reduce the dropout rates of those with mental health issues, and avoid an increase in student suicides.

This Westminster Briefing session will discuss current policy landscape and what impact the new Office for Students will have on support and university requirements.

Key Issues to be Addressed Include:
•Role of the Office for Students: new guidance & building on existing projects
•HEIs’ responsibilities for student mental health & wellbeing
•Embedding a whole institution approach: raising awareness & understanding among staff
•Universities UK's new Minding our Future guidance and how it can help
•Facilitating a smooth transition to HE
•Effective partnership working with the NHS: timely referrals & record sharing
•Working with Students’ Unions & incorporating the voice of the student
•Combatting loneliness & isolation
•Preventing suicide on campus

For more information call  +44 (0)1344 864796 or email info@forumsupport.co.uk

Protecting research integrity: reproducibility, the impact of the REF and improving governance (UK)

11th Oct 2018 - Central, London, UK

This seminar examines the next steps for protecting research integrity in higher education. It follows the recent publication of the report from the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee’s inquiry on research integrity.

For more information call  +44 (0)1344 864796 or email info@forumsupport.co.uk

IS THERE (STILL) ROOM FOR EDUCATION IN THE CONTEMPORARY UNIVERSITY? Exploring policy, research and practice through the lens of professional education (UK)

16th Oct 2018 - SRHE, 73 Collier St, London N1 9BE

For more information go to: http://www.srhe.ac.uk/events/

Advance Your Academic Leadership Skills Conference (USA)

18th-20th Oct 2018 - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Higher education today is experiencing significant change, whether to curricula, technology, tenure practices, issues in student affairs, recruitment, or retention. At the same time, institutions are challenged with increased scrutiny from the academic community, accreditors, students, and parents. More than ever, effective and flexible academic and administrative leadership is critical to any institution’s success.

The Leadership in Higher Education Conference was created to bring much-needed professional development resources to academic leaders. In a collaborative gathering of higher education professionals, we examine trends, strategies, and best practices through a combination of plenary presentations, concurrent sessions, and roundtable discussions.

At the 2018 Leadership in Higher Education Conference, delegates can choose from over 45 concurrent sessions in the following conference tracks:

  • Best Practices for Deans and Department Chairs
  • Leadership and Management
  • Evaluation and Program/Department Assessment
  • Faculty Hiring and Development
  • Issues and Trends in Higher Education.

During the interactive sessions, presented by leaders from around the country, delegates will have the opportunity to learn:

  • Proven tools and techniques for running a successful department or division
  • Demonstrated strategies for hiring and developing faculty, including ways to design a fruitful faculty development program, foster a collegial department, and conduct effective hiring searches
  • Key facets of managing challenging personnel and balancing instructor and administrative needs
  • Responses to issues and trends driving policy today, such as diversity and inclusion, legal and regulatory compliance, and economic development and fundraising

For more information, go to:https://www.magnapubs.com/leadership-in-higher-education-conference/

Developing the Teaching Excellence Framework (UK)

1st Nov 2018 - Central, London, UK

Developing the Teaching Excellence Framework with Graeme Rosenberg, TEF Manager, Office for Students

Overall, areas for discussion include:
•Shaping the future of the TEF and ensuring the metrics used are both appropriate and sufficient;
•Subject-level TEF - looking at the potential administrative burden of the subject-level TEF, as well as challenges and insights gained from the year 1 pilots; and
•Next steps for development and implementation, as well as the future role for the Office for Students.

Other speakers include:
Dr Diana Beech, Higher Education Policy Institute; Dr Douglas Chalmers, University and College Union; Professor Linda Drew, Ravensbourne University London; Professor Paul Hayes, University of Portsmouth; Matt Kite, Cambridge University Students’ Union; Professor Michael Merrifield, University of Nottingham; Professor Nick Petford, University of Northampton; Ramita Tejpal, London South East Colleges; Dr Greg Walker, MillionPlus and a speaker confirmed from AdvanceHE

For more information, contact Sean Cudmore, Deputy Editor, Westminster Higher Education Forum by calling T: 01344 864796 or visiting www.westminsterhighereducationforum.co.uk

Wonkfest 2018 (UK)

5th-6th Nov 2018 - Central, London, UK

Wonkfest: a annual festival of wonkery, coming together of the the higher education sector: two solid days of cutting edge debate; endlessly interesting discussion; a policy hoopla.

With five different stages, Wonkfest's non-stop programme hosts over 50 sessions over two days. They have headline acts and top wonks on their HSBC main stage, expert discussions on their debate stage and conversations and masterclasses throughout the two days on the Guardian stage. Wonkfest's Learning to Wonk space will have interactive workshops and training.  And Wonk Corner is the place to head to fill up on tips, tricks and toolkits from wonks for wonks.

Confirmed speakers include:
Sam Gyimah - Minister of State (Universities and Science)
Ben Goldacre - Doctor, Academic, Campaigner and Author of 'Bad Science'
Ellen Hazelkorn - Director, Higher Education Policy Research Unit (HEPRU), Dublin Institute of Technology
Michael Barber - Chair, Office for Students
Glyn Davis - Vice-Chancellor, University of Melbourne
Anna Vignoles - Professor of Education, University of Cambridge

For more information, go to: http://www.wonkfest.co.uk

Digitally empowering young people - improving online literacy, skills, resilience and safety (UK)

7th Nov 2018 - Central, London, UK

This seminar will examine the latest thinking on the relationship between young people and digital technology and provide an opportunity to discuss the further steps that can be taken by policymakers, schools and technology providers to empower young people online and develop their digital literacy, resilience and advanced skills, drawing on examples of best practice in using technology in the classroom.

For more information call  +44 (0)1344 864796 or email info@forumsupport.co.uk

Fostering a Learning Culture: Creativity, Ideation, and Teamworking in Research (UK)

7th Nov 2018 - SRHE, 73 Collier St, London N1 9BE

Targeted at middle-career researchers, this interactive workshop will look at how researchers can be supported to develop in their roles, to move forward (or sideways) with their careers, and to create a research culture which supports personal development and the dynamic development of ideas through co-creation and teamwork.

 For more information go to: http://www.srhe.ac.uk/events/

Student-Generated Induction: A Social Identity Approach (UK)

14th Nov 2018 - Mary Ward House Conference and Exhibition Centre, 7 Tavistock Place, Bloomsbury, London, WC1H 9SN

In this workshop, you will experience a new social and participative approach to student induction and inclusion. You will also have the chance to share issues and concerns relating to your induction and transition practice. Student-Generated Induction, developed from doctoral research at the University of Glasgow, has already been applied to induction and transition at different universities and colleges. It has also been introduced for different disciplines and used with groups of up to 300 in a single session. This workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss current practice and to experience a participant-led approach to induction. We explore practical and measurable approaches to developing students in Learning Communities. It will also be of interest to all those following the Student-As-Producer and Student-As-Partner agenda.

 The outcome of this event will include:
•    Experience of a new group-oriented practice for student induction and inclusion
•    Awareness of a new theory for student induction based on empirical research
•    Awareness of current practices from elsewhere
•    Knowledge of new SharedThinking Online system

For more information, contact@sharedthinking.info

Key issues for STEM subjects - tackling the skills shortage, provision at university and progression (UK)

15th Nov 2018 - Central, London, UK

This  seminar will examine the future of STEM in Higher Education - focusing on widening participation, meeting the demands of industry, designing interdisciplinary university curricula, and supporting progression to higher level study and employment. It will bring together policymakers with key stakeholders in industry, higher education and more widely.

For more information call  +44 (0)1344 864796 or email info@forumsupport.co.uk

The future for higher technical education in England - delivery, simplifying pathways and establishing Institutes of Technology (UK)

4th Dec 2018 - Central, London, UK

This seminar will consider the further steps that can be taken by Government, education providers and employers to improve England’s technical education offering at Levels 4 and 5.

For more information call  +44 (0)1344 864796 or email info@forumsupport.co.uk