Up and coming Conferences

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The Higher Education Academy in the UK run an extensive workshop and seminar series. Some will be listed on this page but you can view the full listings by clicking on the following link  http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/seminar-series

Priorities for the higher education admissions system (UK)

27th Jan 2022 - To be confirmed

This conference will consider priorities for the admissions system in light of the recent confirmation of the Government’s intentions to move forward as soon as possible with admissions reform, as well as further developments, including:

•    the recent consultation on a move to a post-qualification admissions (PQA) system, with the Government expected to formally respond in due course
•    the publication of the UCAS report, Reimagining UK Admissions, which advocated a move to a post-qualification offer (PQO) system
•    the admissions reviews led by the OfS and UUK

This will also be an opportunity for delegates to assess the impact of COVID-19 on university admissions in light of the OfS ban on ‘conditional unconditional’ offers and research from UCL that found predicting A-Level grades to be a ‘near-impossible task’ likely to harm high achievers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

For more information go to:  https://www.westminsterforumprojects.co.uk/conference/Admissions-in-HE

Degree apprenticeships in England - next steps for development and performance, standards and assessment, and branding and economic contribution (UK)

28th Feb 2022 - To be confirmed

This conference will assess the future for degree apprenticeships in England in the wake of the pandemic.

It will be an opportunity to consider the way forward for proposals from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) - aimed at improving degree apprenticeship development and approval, and how well they work for apprentices and employers. There will also be discussion on the impact of the Skills and Post-16 Education Bill, the outlook for Ofsted inspections of level 6 and 7 apprenticeships and their role in driving up standards, and further approaches that could be taken to improve provision.

For more information go to: https://www.westminsterforumprojects.co.uk/conference/Degree-Apprentice-22

International higher education forum 2022 (UK)

16th-17th Mar 2022 - To be confirmed

Universities UK

The International higher education forum returns again this year to discuss some of the most pressing challenges in higher education.  IHEF 2022 is a strategic forum designed for attendees to share best practice with senior leaders from across the world, bringing together hundreds of higher education professionals year on year.

For more information, go to: https://www.universitiesuk.ac.uk/latest/events/international-higher-education-forum-1

AUA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2022- What now? Shaping our future

11th-12th Apr 2022 - To be confirmed

Following a prolonged period of uncertainty and change, join AUA as they ask, ‘What now? and reflect on recent learnings and experiences, share experiences and consider the challenging questions so HE  can look ahead and shape its future.

For more information, go to: https://aua.ac.uk/events/aua-2022/

Student Engagement Conference 2022 (UK)

12th May 2022 - Online

This one-day virtual conference will focus on good practice in engaging students, the student voice and student participation in the governance and decision-making processes within HE.

Student engagement has never been more important or more challenging. This conference will provide an opportunity for the sector to come together to review where we’ve been and to consider where next. It will focus on the engagement of students in all aspects of their higher education, from the ‘classroom’ to extra-curricular activities including leadership and governance; asking what does it mean to lead student engagement, and how can we continue to improve our vision of student engagement? The conference will consider leadership of student engagement through a 360 degree lens including the role of all staff, the Student Union, and the community as well as considering how we ensure inclusive engagement and remove all inequalities. This conference will be of interest to those with responsibility for the student academic experience and student engagement more widely, SU teams wishing to widen their student engagement, course leaders seeking to have a more engaged cohort and others focused on the student experience and improving student outcomes.

For more information, go to: https://www.advance-he.ac.uk/programmes-events/conferences/student-engagement-conference-2022

The 2022 UKCISA Annual Conference (UK)

15th-17th Jun 2022 - Newcastle

The conference will have an exciting new theme that will be timely and relevant.

For more information, go to: https://www.ukcisa.org.uk/Training--Events/Annual-conference/Annual-Conference-2022

Teaching and Learning Conference 2022: Teaching in the spotlight: Where next for enhancing student success? (UK)

5th-7th Jul 2022 - To be confirmed

Advance HE

The focus on enhancing all aspects of teaching and learning remains a critical issue for those seeking to provide an outstanding student experience at all levels of taught provision. Advance HE’s Teaching and Learning Conference 2022 will continue to position the spotlight firmly on teaching in a global context. In particular, this year, the conference will explore how we are enhancing student success through all aspects of the student experience including transitions, curriculum design and development, enterprise and employability, assessment, engagement and inclusion, sustainability and much more. Join us to share and learn, network with passionate colleagues and work together to enhance the success of future HE students.

For information, go to: https://www.advance-he.ac.uk/programmes-events/conferences/teaching-and-learning-conference-2022