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The Higher Education Academy in the UK run an extensive workshop and seminar series. Some will be listed on this page but you can view the full listings by clicking on the following link  http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/seminar-series

European First Year Experience Conference 2017 (UK)

28th-30th Jun 2017 - Birmingham City University, Birmingham

The conference will focus upon two exciting and important main themes:
•Student and staff partnerships that enhance the first year student experience
•Learning Gain
Student and Staff Partnerships
Our key focus sees the conference highlight the beneficial impact of Student and Staff Partnerships on the first year experience. We believe that the staff-student conversation is one of the best avenues for change and throughout the conference would want to create a vibrant climate in which staff and students engage in discussions about the future of the first year experience.  This will build upon the reputation the host university has for its student engagement approach which sees students as partners in co-creating the learning experience.
Learning Gain
Through Learning Gain we seek to focus upon the ‘distance travelled’ by students, educationally and professionally as they transition from school or college into university and through that first year experience.  We would want participants to engage with initiatives that demonstrate how measurement and evaluative methods can be used to demonstrate the impact of first year experience activities.

For more information, go to: http://www.efye2017.co.uk/

Addressing the Skills Shortage in UK STEM- Current Trends and Quality of Provision, Ensuring a Pipeline of Skills and the Role of Vocational Qualifications (UK)

4th Jul 2017 - Central, London, UK

In light of the publication of the Government’s Industrial Strategy, which included boosting STEM skills as one of its ten pillars, and timed to follow the recent publication of the Commons Science and Technology Committee report into Industrial Strategy: science, research and innovation inquiry which had a chapter dedicated to Closing the STEM skills gap, this event aims to bring delegates and policymakers together to discuss the current state of STEM provision in the UK and how to ensure the future generation of scientists and engineers.

For more information, contact: Alex Kenney by Tel: 0845 647 9000 or by Email:a.kenney@policy-uk.com

Supporting Disabled Students Throughout Higher Education (UK)

4th Jul 2017 - Central, London, UK

This Forum provides attendees with an opportunity to understand recent government reforms to the Disables Students’ Allowance (DSA) and their impact on universities going forward. Participants will also hear from leading organisations and best practice case studies about how to best adapt to DSA changes, their legal implications and how to use practical tools and techniques to improve access to reduced funding and ensure a high quality student experience for disabled people.

For more information, call 020 3770 6580 or go to http://www.insidegovernment.co.uk/supporting-disabled-students-throughout-higher-education/

Improving the Student Experience in Higher Education (UK)

11th Jul 2017 - The Town Hall, Manchester

This Forum provides attendees with an opportunity to discuss the renewed focus on the student experience in order for the UK to remain a competitive leading provider of higher education (HE). This Forum will highlight how pivotal student satisfaction is in all aspects of university life from prospective students to graduate employability. Analysing features of proposed new quality regulation and a raise in tuition fees, participants will be encouraged to take inspiration from award winning university case studies and place a positive student experience at the forefront of delivering the best possible higher education.

For more information, call 020 3770 6580 or go to http://www.insidegovernment.co.uk/regional-student-experience/?agenda=view

Technology in Higher Education - data analytics, the learning experience and next steps for MOOCs

18th Oct 2017 - Central, London, UK

This seminar will discuss the use of technology in the Higher Education sector, and ways forward for developing its role in enhancing learning and teaching - as well as in more widely in HEI business processes.

Delegates will discuss the role of big data and data analytics for universities, including targeted marketing of prospective students, improving retention and personalising learning experience for individuals.

The agenda will also bring out the latest thinking on the use technology in teaching and learning, assessing progress in areas such as flipped and blended learning, and potential uses of virtual reality (VR). Those attending will also consider examples of best practice in developing a culture among the teaching community across all disciplines that supports the full potential use of technology. Further sessions will look at MOOCs, specifically emerging business models and uses including lifelong learning, marketing, pre-sessional support and credit-bearing modules.

For more information, Tel: +44 (0)1344 864796 or Email: info@forumsupport.co.uk

Next steps for developing the 2021 Research Excellence Framework (UK)

14th Nov 2017 - Central, London, UK

This seminar will be an opportunity to discuss the composition of the next cycle of the Research Excellence Framework, following the publication of outcomes from HEFCE’s consultation on REF 2021.

There will be a keynote contribution on key outcomes of the consultation from Kim Hackett, REF Manager and Head of Research Assessment, HEFCE.

Delegates will discuss suggested reforms to the framework proposed by Lord Stern’s review, which included recommendations for a broadening of the definition of impact, and for all active research staff in an institution to be submitted as part of the REF process, ending the portability of research outputs if an academic changes institution.

Key areas for discussion will include options for reforming expert panel structures to reflect diversity and strategies for reducing ‘gaming’ in the system. Further sessions will focus on the REF’s encouragement of interdisciplinary and collaborative research and proposed changes to ‘research environment’ criteria, such as institution-level assessment.

For more information, Tel: +44 (0)1344 864796 or Email: info@forumsupport.co.uk

2nd Conference on Future Education Effective Learning in an Age of Increasing Speed, Complexity and Uncertainty (Italy)

16th-18th Nov 2017 - Roma Tre University, Rome

This conference is designed to serve as an open, active platform for participants to share, collaborate and co-create new ideas, approaches, methodologies and best practices. The multi-stakeholder approach and structure of the conference will make it possible for participants to organize or participate in special sessions dedicated to in-depth exploration of specific topics ranging from subject content, pedagogy and learning technologies to social and economic impact on issues such as employment, skills development, business development, innovation, social power, citizenship, cultural diversity, personal development and individuality.

For more information, go to: http://wunicon.org/rome/

Next steps for international student recruitment in higher education - changes to the visa system and promoting the UK as a destination post-Brexit (UK)

21st Nov 2017 - Central, London, UK

With the UK in the process of leaving the EU, this timely seminar will consider the future for attracting international students to higher education institutions in the UK. It takes place with a 7% decline in the number of EU nationals applying to UK universities for the coming year, according to figures produced by UCAS.

Ahead of the expected consultation this summer on reforms to immigration policy, delegates will consider the future for international student visa policy, including the status of EU citizens studying at UK universities.

Further sessions will assess the next steps for promoting the UK as a destination for international students as the UK prepares to leave the EU, including what can be learnt from previous marketing campaigns and from the success of other countries, as well as opportunities for growth around the world.

For more information, Tel: +44 (0)1344 864796 or Email: info@forumsupport.co.uk