Higher Education (HE) has changed dramatically in the past 30 years and it continues to evolve and change. Globally, more students than ever before are entering HE and attending university (university or college) at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Supporting and enhancing the 'student experience' throughout the student lifecycle (from first contact through to becoming alumni) is critical to the success in higher education today for both the student and the institution. The student experience encompasses all aspects of student life (i.e. academic, social, welfare and support) with the academic imperative at the heart of it.

In recent years, undergraduate research and initiatives looking at the student experience have tended to focus on the 'first year' undergraduate experience (with subsequent years being neglected); learning and teaching or assessment and feedback. There is also very limited research and literature for supporting postgraduate/graduate taught students (those undertaking coursework based courses).

Frequently, good practice resides at a local level and does not get shared on a national or international basis unless it is showcased at a conference or via a journal article. Good practice and initiatives are often designed by colleagues who are at the coal face but do not have the time to attend conferences and present or write papers.

So this site has been designed to pull together information, guidance, support and practical advice in the undergraduate and postgraduate taught areas to assist managers, academics and members of the professional service teams within universities who are responsible for improving the student experience across the entire student lifecycle. Colleagues can contribute to the site by visiting the website and case study contribution pages.

Michelle Morgan

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Five aims of this website:


It pulls together useful website information, guidance and advice from across the world as well as the latest global ‘HE’ news;


It collates books and articles that colleagues working in the field, and visitors to this website have found very useful;


It introduces the ‘Student Experience Transitions Practitioner Model’ that interlinks the key activities of academic, welfare and support. The model provides a framework for colleagues to organise and map out the various types of support required for different students at particular times throughout their journey at university or college;


It advertises upcoming conferences that are designed to help colleagues improve the student experience;


It provides an opportunity for colleagues to share good practice.

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