Workshops are normally delivered in 3 hour sessions but they can be combined into full days depending on individual requirements.

The workshops listed below have a number of aims and objectives. They provide colleagues with key  information to engage in the topic as well as practical advice and examples they can implement. The  workshops are interactive and shaped to meet the needs of each particular audience. For further information, email Michelle Morgan via the contacts page or at

Undergraduate Student Experience Workshops

Understanding student expectations- the impact on retention

Managing student expectations

Raising student awareness – the importance of effective communication strategies

Preparing students to make the transition from School/FE to University

Preparing mature students for higher education

Effectively Supporting Student Transitions Part 1 – First contact and Admission, Pre-arrival,  Arrival and Orientation, Induction to Study

Supporting Student Transitions Part 2 – Reorientation, Reinduction and Outduction

Supporting and interlinking the different student transitions to enable success

What is the First Year Student Experience?

Improving the returning student experience- its impact on personal development and employability skills

Postgraduate Taught Student Experience Workshops

Who participates in postgraduate Study?

Barriers to Postgraduate Study

Understanding the prior learning experiences of Postgraduate Taught students on retention