Chief Scientific Adviser named (European Commission)

A Scottish biologist has been appointed the European Commission’s first Chief Scientific Adviser. Anne Glover, professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of Aberdeen, will relinquish her current post as Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland at the end of December. Jose Manuel Barroso, Commission president, who interviewed the applicants, said that experience made Professor Glover the “standout candidate” for the new post, which he first announced in September 2009. As well as providing the president with independent advice on “any aspect of science, technology and innovation”, her duties will include commenting on policy proposals, helping to interpret scientific evidence and giving early warning of “issues that might arise when scientific progress entails either opportunity or threat for the European Union”. She will also be expected to “communicate the scientific values on which specific Commission proposals are based in order to enhance public confidence in science and technology”.

Source: The Times Higher Education