Finance at PG level

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Centre for Economic Performance (2010) The social composition and future earnings of postgraduates, London: Sutton Trust
This interim report is a summary of initial research findings from a project commissioned by the Sutton Trust entitled ‘Growth of Postgraduate Education and its Effect on Intergenerational Mobility’ being undertaken by Stephen Machin and Richard Murphy at the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics. This summary outlines evidence presented to the Government’s current review of postgraduate provision in the UK, led by Professor Adrian Smith, Director General of Science and Research at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. In particular, the research project is highly relevant to the review’s aims to “examine levels of participation, in terms of who undertakes postgraduate study, and whether there are barriers affecting the diversity of participation and any associated reduction in the availability of high-quality entrants”, and also to “assess the benefits of postgraduate study for all relevant stakeholders”. Available here

Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) (2011) The Higher Education Base Funding Review Consultation Paper Response, Victoria: CAPA
At CAPA’s 2010 Annual Council Meeting, postgraduate representatives from across Australia engaged in a lengthy discussion to revise existing CAPA policy on the funding of higher education. This meeting helped shape the recommendations in the Higher Education Base Funding Review submission. Available here

 Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (2015), Higher Education- consultation on support for postgraduate study, London: Department of Business, Innovation and Skills This consultation invites views on the specific details of the proposal- deadline date 29 May 201. Available here

Muir, R. (2014) Reaching Higher: Reforming Student Loans to Broaden Access to Postgraduate Study, London: Institute for Public Policy Research
This paper looks at reforming student loans at postgraduate level. Available here