San Jose limits access for locals (United States)

A US university has ended its policy of guaranteeing local students admission to the institution. For the past 50 years, students who met the California State University system’s minimum entry requirements would secure a place at San Jose State University, but the institution is now being forced to limit its admissions, the San Jose Mercury News reported. The university said that the changes must be made because there is not enough money to admit every student who meets the requirements. San Jose will maintain its two-tier admission process, which gives preference to local students over out-of-state applicants, but members of the former group will now need a higher grade-point average than the state minimum, said Mohammad Qayoumi, the president of San Jose State. “Steep budget cuts have left SJSU no other choice but to seek ways to reduce enrolment in the most fair and equitable ways possible,” he added.

Source: Times Higher Education