Postgraduate employment: High marks pay off for physicists (UK)

Graduate earnings depend more on degree class than on the institution attended – at least in physics. This is one of the conclusions of a report by the Institute of Physics that tracks physics graduates’ career destinations. The data, gathered between 2006 and 2010 from almost 6,000 graduates, show that just over half go on to further study, but those who enter employment earn an annual salary of around £22,500 12 months after graduation, some £3,000 more than the average graduate starting salary in 2008. Those with higher degree classes earn higher salaries and those with firsts and 2:1s are most likely to be working in the financial sector. Unemployment rates are also relatively low among physics graduates, and the differential between their employment levels and the average for all graduates has grown during the economic downturn.

Source: Times Higher Education