Technical failure (Australia)

New South Wales has become the third Australian state to propose significant cuts to technical and further education programmes. Most TAFE enrolment fees will rise by about 10 per cent next year, with concession fees almost doubling to A$100 (£65), The Australian reported. The newspaper added that the cost of advanced diplomas will go up to A$1,720 a year, an increase of A$150, and that TAFE fine arts courses will be charged at commercial rates, organisations that find work for apprentices will lose their funding and other grant programmes will also be reduced. A total of 800 jobs are also to be cut. The state government blamed cuts on reduced tax revenue. The announcement on 11 September coincided with revelations that Queensland’s budget will cut TAFE funding by about A$80 million. Victoria has already proposed sweeping cuts to TAFE funding.

Source: Times Higher Education