Trustworthiness rated (Australia)

The Australian government has released a report containing data about how likely international students are to breach immigration rules based on their country of origin. Every university received the document along with an institution-specific assessment from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Universities will use the data to tailor enrolments to reflect sector-wide balances and to ensure that they comply with the new streamlined visa processing system, The Australian reported. The report showed that many of the sector’s largest source countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, have the lowest risk, rated as level 1. China, the biggest single provider of international students, falls just within this category. Other significant source countries such as India, South Korea and Saudi Arabia are riskier, in level 2, but still moderate. Universities must maintain an overall risk rating showing that most of their international students are from countries rated level 1 and 2.

Source: Times Higher Education