Part-time Study

Callender, C. Wilkinson, D. and Mackinon, K. (2006) Part-time students and part-time study in higher education in the UK: A survey of students’ attitudes and experiences of part-time study and its costs 2005/06, Universities UK/Guild HE This report looks at undergraduate students’ experience of, and attitudes towards, part-time study and its costs.

Callender, C. and Feldman, R. (2009) Part-time undergraduates in higher education: a literature review, Manchester: HECSU This review looks at part-time students’ reasons for studying and their experience of study; the links between part-time students and employment in terms of employer support, negotiating work and study; and career decision making in relation to their studies and careers services’ and employers’ approaches and responses to workers engaged in part-time studies. Available here

Callender, C., Hopkin, R. and Wilkinson D. (2010) Futuretrack: part-time students career decision-making and career development of part-time higher education studentsManchester: HECSU This report is based on the findings of a survey of 3,704 part-time undergraduate UK domiciled students conducted in 2007/08 and forms part of a larger longitudinal study. It is the first study of its kind involving a nationally representative sample of part-time undergraduates from across the UK. The survey explores students’ career intentions and ambitions and collects data on their career development and decision making. These issues that have tended to be ignored in other research on part-time students. Available here

Maguire, D. (2013) Flexible Learning: Wrapping Higher Education Around the Needs Of Part-Time Students (main report), London: Higher Education Policy Institute This report reports on the impact of recent Government changes on part-time study and the different characteristics of part-time students. Available here