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Proposal for a staggered return to HE for new and returning students in the UK

An alternative plan to maximise recruitment, progression, retention and the success of students including the mapping of the academic year.

Proposal: Available here  


Morgan, M. (2020) Financial concerns and working intentions of incoming Level 4 students-The potential implications for applicants and students in 2020/21 due to Covid19, Brighton: Morgan

This report investigates the financial concerns and working intentions of Level 4 students entering higher education and the implications of Covid19 in 2020/21. It examines existing research and publishes the student expectation finance findings on entry from the Pre-arrival Academic Questionnaire undertaken across a Post 1992 university in 2019/20. This report considers what is known and unknown about applicant and student thinking, and the decisions they could make in 2020/21 and beyond.  It suggests actions for consideration by institutions on how to address the financial pressures that applicants and students are likely to face. Available here

Pressure points in the student lifecycle for UGs, PGT, PGR and staff 

 Available here


Brown and Sambell’s Covid19 Guides

Fifty tips for replacements for time-constrained, invigilated on-site exams Available here

Contingency planning exploring rapid alternatives to face-to-face assessment  Available here

Pre-arrival Academic Questionnaire (PAQ)

Rationale behind the PAQ Available here

Undergraduate PAQ example Available here

Postgraduate Taught PAQ example Available here

Postgraduate Experience Project (PEP) PAQ (called Entry to Study Survey) Available here

Typical basic frequency findings circulated to a course leader within a week of the questionnaire closing Available here

Report of the findings of the UG PAQ undertaken across an institution in 2019  Available here

UG self-help sheet example generated from the PAQ for distribution to students 4 weeks in Available here

PG self-help sheet example generated from the PAQ for distribution to students 4 weeks in Available here


Who's Who Guide

Rationale for the Who's Who Guide Available here

Please note that some of the examples below were produced a few years ago and had to be produced on a minimal budget so are quite basic in design.

Example 1 PGT Who's Who  Available here

Example 2 International Student Who's Who  Available here

Example 3 UG Who's Who Available here


Student Wellbeing Posters

As with the Who's Who Guide, this was developed with students and designed to be an A3 poster that students and staff could put on the wall above their study space. Students also asked for it to be put on the walls in stairwells and laboratories. In light of Covid19, advice on how to deal with it could be included.

Wellbeing poster - Student version Available here

Wellbeing poster - Staff version Available here


Student Self Care Grid

This was designed with Professors Sally Brown, Phil Race and Kay Sambell. The sheet is a simple activity for students to work through with their academic advisor or personal tutor within the first few weeks. The idea is to then revisit the activity near the end of the academic year. Available here


Personal Tutoring Handbook for Staff

This handbook, written in 2010, was designed to provide staff with advice on what was expected in the role, and to provide ideas on what to do with their students. Ten years on, it would be advisable to include information on mental health and wellbeing. Available here


Information for parents/guardians/spouses/partners 

Family support in helping the student succeed in their studies is critical. I first wrote this guide for parents in 2003 when I was at Sussex University. It was sent to them along with a Key Information Card which was the size of a credit card containing term dates and key contact numbers. Students liked the information so much that we provided them with it as well. The information below is from my work at Kingston University. Parents like the hard copy information.

Example of information for parents, guardians, spouses and partners Available here

Example of Key Information Card Available here


What Next?  Preparing to Leave Handbook

I wrote my first 'What Next? Preparing to Leave' Handbook in 2008. Again, it was produced on limited resources so was basic in design. Importantly, the content was designed by students due to leave. Due to Covid19, advice on how to deal with stress and anxiety and possible imposter syndrome could be included in the handbook.

Rationale for the What Next? Preparing to Leave Handbook  Available here

Example 1 UG Faculty Level generic version Available here

Example 2 UG Faculty Level discipline version Available here

Example 3 PGT Faculty Level version Available here

Example 4  UG university version branded by Faculty- designed Available here


Reorientation and Reinduction Handbook

This Reorientation and Reinduction Handbook for students entering Levels 5 and 6 written in 2010 contains the information that students stated would be helpful. It had to be produced on a minimal budget so is basic in design. Ten years on, the inclusion of other information such as mental health and wellbeing advice would be beneficial. Students during the development stated that they needed to be reminded each year of what was required because every year has different levels of engagement

Example handbook  Available here


Employability Skills

Students being able to clearly articulate the skills gained during their degree is essential when looking for employment. By mapping the skills expected at each level, students are able to see what they have achieved during their studies. The Employability Skills Grids were developed by colleagues across numerous disciplines to ensure that the grids were applicable across the student body. During the reorientation and reinduction sessions, students were guided through the grids and explained how to use them when writing their CVs.

Employablity Skills Pyramid Available here

Employability Skills Grids  Available here


The Next Steps Guide

I wrote my first Next Steps Guide for students progressing from Foundation to Level 4 study in the late 2000s. This is the latest one. Available here


Office for Students coronavirus briefing note supporting student mental health Available here


OfS quality and standards guidance during corona virusmental health Available here  


National Health Service Mental Health Support


HE's Brave New World- opinion piece by Michelle Morgan written March 2020 Available here