Learning and Teaching at Postgraduate level

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AUSSE (2011) Monitoring risk and return: Critical insights into graduate coursework engagement and Outcomes, Australasian Survey of Student Engagement Volume 9 April 2011 This research briefing paper looks at the characteristics of postgraduate students in Australia. It looks at monitoring student engagement and how to examine student outcomes. It provides insights into future issues. Available here

Baker, K (2010) Personal development planning for international postgraduate students: perspectives from academic staff at taught masters level, York:HEA This report investigates the perception of academic staff on personal development planning (PDP) for international taught postgraduate students. It is part of the first of four phases of a cross-institutional project commissioned by the Scottish Higher Education Employability Network (SHEEN). This report:

  • provides a generic bank of innovative personal development planning (PDP) resources;
  • provides pilot PDP materials and activities with taught postgraduates in a representative sample of institutional types;
  • evaluates, reviews and disseminates the developed generic PDP resource bank.

    The report also:

    • explores the current use of PDP by staff with taught postgraduate students, particularly international students;
    • collates staff views for developing a dedicated PDP resource for taught postgraduate students;
    • draws attention to sector-wide issues that may influence the development of a tailored taught postgraduate PDP resource. Available here

      Barnes, T.A., Macleod, G. and Huttly. S (2018) National Survey of PGT Programmes Directors and Administrators, Staffordshire: UKCGE
      This report by UKCGE looks at the PGT student experience through the lens of programme directors and administrators. Available here

      Cluett, L. and Skene, J. (2005) Improving the postgraduate coursework student experience: barriers and the role of the institution, Australia:UWA This article examines the experience of the postgraduate coursework student. It looks at the barriers impacting on the student and the role of the institution in the life of the student. Available here

      Conway, K. (2011) How prepared are students for postgraduate study? A comparison of the information literacy skills of commencing undergraduate and postgraduate information studies students at Curtin University, Australian Academic and Research  Libraries This study aimed to shed light on whether students were ready for postgraduate study. It also investigated other demographic variables which were considered likely to have a bearing on students’ information literacy skills. These were: age, English as a first language, previous study or work experience, previous library instruction, Internet use and confidence. Available here

      Morgan, M. (2013) Understanding the prior learning, teaching, assessment and feedback experiences of new postgraduate taught (PGT) science, engineering and computing students, and their expectations of studying at postgraduate level Social Mobility Findings Interim Report, London: Kingston University Although there is an increasing body of literature looking at the postgraduate student experience, there is a lack of research and knowledge in understanding the impact of PGT students’ prior learning, teaching, assessment and feedback experiences on their postgraduate study, and their expectations of studying at PGT level.The findings in this report are part of a larger research project being undertaken in 2012/13 that builds on the previous research. The project is part funded by an Individual Teaching and Development grant from the Higher Education Academy.The findings in this interim report focus on reporting social mobility related issues. These findings along with discussion around implications will be included in the final report due in June, 2013. Available here

      Shaw, M. (2004) A national review of emerging practice on the use of Personal Development Planning for postgraduate researchers, Cambridge: UK GRAD Programme  The UK GRAD Programme commissioned this review in response to requests from the sector to audit current activities within institutions around Personal Development Planning (PDP) and Training Needs Analysis (TNA) specifically for postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers. Institutions are keen that UK GRAD provides an overview of current systems in order to share good practice, help inform their PDP/TNA development and avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’. The report summarises key issues in respect of the role of PDP for postgraduate researchers (PGRs). It looks at current practice, within the context of an increasing emphasis on personal development in all higher education degree programmes in the UK, and a growing focus on embedding personal and professional development in research degree programmes (RDPs). It highlights some of the key factors for successfully supporting postgraduate researchers’ personal development planning processes, as evidenced within a growing database of reported practices, and responses from current postgraduate researchers. Available here