Increase in English course to attract international students (Israel)

Israeli universities are increasingly offering courses exclusively in English in a bid to attract more international students. Tel Aviv and Haifa universities have each opened five English-language master’s degree programmes in the past year, Haaretz newspaper reported. Meanwhile, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has introduced three new English-language MA degrees in law and social sciences. “The world is a global village, and higher education has gone global,” said Hanan Alexander, head of the International School at the University of Haifa. “This is one of the things that first-rate research universities do these days, and it’s no coincidence that we’ve all reached the same conclusion.” Hebrew University rector Sarah Stroumsa, for her part, said that the motivation for offering the new courses was about forging global ties and “not about the revenues, although it might eventually become something lucrative, and we certainly wouldn’t have any objection to that”.

Source: Times Higher Education